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The -J was the last B-25 production model manufactured by North American Aviation (NAA). Almost 4,400 B-25Js were built, far more than any other model. The B-25J was an improved B-25H but looked like a cross between a B-25C and a B-25H. The solid nose was replaced by a 'greenhouse' with one fixed and one flexible .50-cal. machine gun. The bombardier was returned to the crew bringing the total to six men aboard.

NAA modified 800 -J models by installing a solid nose in place of the bombardier's 'greenhouse.' The solid nose housed eight .50-cal. machine guns bringing the total to eighteen--fourteen of which were forward firing for strafing missions. NAA also produced field conversion kits for the solid nose version. The Royal Air Force received 316 B-25Js as "Mitchell III" and converted most (or all) of them to the solid nose version.

The B-25J; powered by improved Wright R-2600-29 radial engines, first flew on 14 December 1943. Production of the aircraft was continued until August 1945 when 72 incomplete aircraft remaining on contract were canceled. These aircraft were flyable but not counted in the Army inventory. 4,390 B-25Js were built with 4,318 of them being delivered to the Army or diverted/direct delivered to Allied nations.


Number Built/Converted

Last production model B-25
  • Serial numbers: 43-3870 to 43-4104; 43-27473 to 43-28222; 43-35946 to 43-36245; 44-28711 to 44-31510; 44-86692 to 44-86897; 45-8801 to 45-8899
  • 800 hundred B-25Js modified by replacing the greenhouse nose with a solid nose.
  • 72 of 100 -J models ordered with 1945 serial numbers (block 35) were incomplete at war's end and not counted in the Army inventory.
  • Great Britain received 316 B-25Js as Mitchell III

67 ft. 7 in.
Length: 52 ft. 11 in.
Height: 16 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 33,500 lbs. (max.)
Armament: Twelve (18 on the solid nose version) .50-cal. machine guns plus 3,200 lbs. of bombs
Engines: Two Wright R-2600-29 turbo-supercharged radials of 1,700 hp. each (take-off power)
Crew: 6

Maximum speed: 272 mph. at 13,000 ft.
Cruising speed: 230 mph.
Range: 1,350 miles with 3,000 lbs. of bombs
Service Ceiling: 24,200 ft.