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Display: M5 Stuart Tank
Organization: Military Vehicle Preservation Association,  Mid-America Chapter
Display Location: By Large Hangar
Website: www.mvpa.org
M5 Stuart

This is a 1942 M5A1 Stuart Light tank, Serial No. 1177.  This tank was originally manufactured in St. Charles, Mo by the American Car and Foundry plant as a model M5.  Later improvements/changes were incorporated and was redesignated as model M5A1.  After US military service, this vehicle was sold off to a foreign military and then purchased / imported in 1984 as scrap metal by South Eastern Equipment Company located in Georgia.  A military vehicle collector living in Wisconsin purchased the tank in 1985 and then sold it to the present owner who purchased it in 1996.  

The M5 Stuart Light Tank series was a further refinement of the earlier model (M3) design which had been powered by the Continental W-670 gasoline 7-cylinder radial aircraft engine.
In early 1941, the demand for air-cooled radial engines to power the increasing production numbers of tanks was soon exceeding the supply available.  Military representatives approached General Motors executives and asked for their help in developing an alternative power plant combination utilizing engines already in production.  After a series of tests, authorization was given to install (2) Cadillac V8 Flathead automobile engines and Hydramatic transmissions coupled with the (2) speed final drive/transfer assembly.  This combination resulted in an increased road speed and quieter running tank which demanded less from the driver.  Overall, the newly equipped M5 series light tanks had superior performance and efficiency to any light tank previously in service.
Fitted with the Westinghouse gyrostabilizer and oil-gear hydraulic traversing mechanism for the 37mm turret mounted M6 gun greatly improved firing performance and accuracy.  The M5 series also incorporated the integrated fighting compartment which attached to the turret with a floor and seats for the gunner and tank commander.  The M5 tank weighed in at 33,500 lbs with rubber tracks, had a road speed of 36mph, and carried a total of 80 gallons gasoline in two separate 40 gallon tanks which gave the M5 series a range of around 125 miles. 

     Armament consisted of the 37mm M6 cannon combined with the M23 mount and (3) Browning  1919A4 .30 caliber air cooled light machineguns.  Combat munitions load was listed as: 147 rounds of 37mm cartridges (Armor Piercing, High Explosive and Canister shot), 720 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition, 6750 rounds of .30 caliber ammunition and 12 hand grenades.
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