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Display: Sailplane and Motorglider
Organization: Soaring Society of America
Display Location: Large Hangar
Website: www.ssa.org
Soaring Society of America

To fly as the hawk and eagle has been mankind's dream for centuries. Modern sailplanes make soaring flight possible, and with them humans can fly higher, faster, and farther than the greatest of birds, using only an invisible force of nature to stay aloft. The sport is called "soaring" and to pilot as well as spectator, it has universal appeal. The terms gliding and soaring are used interchangeably. There are many soaring sites in the United States. Visit one and you are likely to find the pilots are men, women, and young people whose experience in sailplane flying may vary greatly, but who share a common bond in being participants in one of the world's most satisfying and exhilarating sports. How else, within an hour or so of your home, can you become Columbus or Magellan, exploring the unknown? For sheer beauty, the sport of soaring is unsurpassed. Sailplanes may vary widely in design but they are all graceful - especially when moving through the sky. The pilot can enjoy a special kind of relaxation, too. Aside from the swish of wind over the wings, there's the meditative silence that can have a refreshing unwinding effect. The gain in altitude seems to leave mundane cares on the surface of the earth far below.

After 75 years, sailplane flying is nearing a new golden age. With our soaring friends who fly hang-gliders and paragliders, we enjoy an ecological air sport that offers simple and accessible flying to people of all ages - especially our youth. By joining the SSA, you are joining the ranks of men and women, young and old, who want to stretch their wings across the sky, challenge themselves before nature, and embrace the rising columns of air in hopes of going higher and farther. We look to the past at the achievements our members have written and rewritten in the record books with great pride, and to our future with much optimism

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