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Aircraft Model: T-44A Pegasus
Aircraft Type: Trainer
Fly During Show: No
Display Open To Public: Yes
Web Site: www.cnatra.navy.mil/aircraft.htm
T-44A Pegasus

Description: The T-44A "Pegasus" aircraft is a twin-engine, pressurized, fixed-wing monoplane manufactured by Beech Aircraft Corporation, Wichita, Kansas.The aircraft is used for advanced turboprop aircraft training and for intermediate E2/C2 (carrier based turboprop radar aircraft) training at the Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas.The T-44 is equipped with deicing and anti-icing systems augmented by instrumentation and navigation equipment which allows flight under instrument and icing conditions.The interior includes a seating arrangement for an instructor pilot (right seat), a student pilot (left seat), and a second student.Two additional passenger seats are included.A distinguishing feature of the aircraft is the avionics fault insertion capabilities afforded the instructor pilot from the right-seat armrest and the second student/observer audio control panel that allows the second student to monitor all radio communications.The T-44A is powered by two 550 shaft horsepower PT6A-34B turboprop engines manufactured

General Characteristics

Length: 35'6"
Height: 14'3"
Wingspan: 50'3"
Empty Weight: 6,321 lbs
Max Take Off Weight: 9,650 lbs
Max Level Speed: 287 mph
Max Range: 1625 s.miles
Max Rate of Climb: 1870 ft/min
Service Ceiling: 27,620 ft

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