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Aircraft Model: Extra 300S
Aircraft Type: Acrobatic
Fly During Show: Yes
Display Open To Public: No
Web Site: www.timweber-airshows.com/
Tim Weber

Tim Weber Flies the GEICO Extra 300

Tim Weber discovered aviation at the age of 13. Having moved to within bicycling distance of Turf Soaring School in Phoenix, Arizona, it wasn’t long before Tim was a regular visitor to the airport. By the time Tim was 14 years old he had gone from being the kid looking through the fence to becoming a line-boy, trading work for flying lessons.

Tim’s aptitude for flying was evident early on. Within a short time he had soloed in several different types of gliders and had begun exploring aerobatics. Since that time, Tim has flown a variety of aircraft and experienced thousands of hours of aerobatic flying. His aggressive flying and natural ability have enabled him to become one of the top airshow performers in the United States today.

In addition to flying, Tim’s passion for music has grown through the years. Tim, a self-taught musician, was playing lead guitar professionally by the age of 17. He has since incorporated his love of music into his airshow routines by writing and performing original songs and instrumentals for his performances. Tim is a popular guest on radio talk shows and is a frequent speaker for groups and school assemblies. He is an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator for the International Council of Airshows as well as a certified aircraft mechanic with A&P and IA ratings.

The aircraft of choice for Tim is the German built Extra 300. The Extra 300 is an unlimited-class composite monoplane stressed to handle even the most demanding maneuvers.
With over 300 horsepower and a roll rate in excess of 340 degrees per second, this aggressive mid-wing aircraft provides the performance and looks to make it an instant crowd pleaser.

Tim has joined forces with GEICO, the fifth-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States. GEICO has been providing insurance for more than 65 years and insures more than 5.3 million policyholders and 8.3 million vehicles. GEICO keeps their rates low by dealing directly with the customer. More than 10,000 drivers a week switch to GEICO. Watch Tim as he thrills crowds with his style of hard-core aerobatics in the GEICO Extra 300!

For more information on Tim and GEICO go to: www.geico.com

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