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Aircraft Model: Pitts S2S
Aircraft Type: Aerobatic
Fly During Show: Yes
Display Open To Public: No
Web Site: www.viperairshows.com/
Pitts S2S

The Viper was built for a specific mission. It is an AIRSHOW aircraft designed to entertain and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the airshow audience.

Many successful entertainers have used the Pitts S2S as a foundation to build the best AIRSHOW aircraft in the industry. The Viper has taken all the years of evolution and wrapped it in to one aircraft. The fuselage, wings, ailerons, cowling, tail surfaces, landing gear, instrumentation, fuel and oil system have all been redesigned, and built with performance and reliability as the prime objectives. The engine is a "new" Lycoming AEIO540EXP which was disassembled and rebuilt to our exacting specifications. The propeller is a MT built in Germany (Model MTV-9-BC-203-20D).

The aircraft has the Viper theme which distinguishes it's self from all other AIRSHOW aircraft and performers. The paint supplied by PPG is a premium finish with effects that are out of this world. As the sun reflects at differing angles the metallic base shows it's complexity flashing tones of gold and blue.

Aircraft modifications:
Wolf pro 4 wings with aluminum full span ailerons
Titanium main and tail landing gear
Delmar high efficiency carbon fiber cowling
Full digital instrument panel with EFIS and engine monitor
Engine temperature, pressure horsepower and flight parameters downloadable to laptop for evaluation
Carbon fiber wheel pants and gear fairings
MT prop (mtv9-203/20d)
Carbon fiber seat
Increased and reshaped elevator and rudder areas
Speed sloped windshield
Reshaped fuselage belly

Factory New Textron Lycoming AEIO-540 X with modifications:
Roller camshaft
Cold air intake
Lightweight starter and alternator
Airflow Performance fuel injection
12 to 1 compression ratio
Sky Dynamics 6 to 1 tuned steel exhaust system
Custom Porting, Polishing and Flow Matched Cylinders
Ported and Polished Cold Air Intake

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