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Display: Ejection Seats and Parachutes
Display Location: Large Hangar
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Ejection Seats and Parachutes

Eject! Eject! Evolution of USAF ejection seat and parachute technology.

Nowadays, simply bailing out of jet aircraft can be as deadly as staying with a disabled bird, since the fast airstream will typically carry the pilot from the cockpit straight to the tail assembly. Since WWII, jet aircraft  have been equipped with ejection seats - i.e. rocket-equipped seats that not only blast a pilot past the tail section, but also deploy his parachute and some of his survival equipment. Over the past 60 years ejection seats and parachutes have come in many different varieties, to meet the particular flight envelope of all sorts of jets, from trainers, to fighters, to bombers. This display will show the particular evolution of the many seats that equipped USAF aircraft from the 1950s until the 1980's. The display will include the parachute equipment that was part of the seats.

This display is the creation of John (Jean) Potvin from Troy IL, who has been collecting and restoring ejections seats and military parachutes for almost a decade. For all who are interested in learning more on the history of this technology, he recommends going to the following web pages:



Photo and information courtesy of the Jean Potvin

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