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Display: MRAP - Virtual Vehicle Trainer (MRAP-VVT)
Organization: U.S. Army
Display Location: Large Hangar
Misc: Yes
Website: http://www.il.ngb.army.mil/departments/sta/
MRAP - Virtual Vehicle Trainer

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected - Virtual Vehicle Trainer (MRAP-VVT)

. Trains basic and advanced skills for route clearance operations including proper response to a wide array of IEDs and explosive hazards

- Realistically simulates combat conditions: terrain, weather, visibility, vehicle operating conditions, IEDs, and opposing enemy forces. Practical exercises set in Iraq and Afghanistan geospecific areas enhance this training

- Instructs route clearance operations, improves Soldier route clearance skills, teaches the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for route clearance and convoy techniques, and trains operation of the Buffalo

- Collective training includes a Route Clearance Team of simulated VMMD (Husky) and MMPV (RG-31 or M-ATV) vehicles along with the MPCV (Buffalo) vehicles

- IO/AAR Stations located side-by-side. They support conducting training with one while simultaneously conducting an AAR or pre-brief session with the other.

The AAR Trailer accommodates approximately 20 people with a display covering training area capabilities. It contains the one Joint EOD Rapid Response Vehicle (JERRV) which will accommodate a driver, gunner, and Truck Commander (TC) within a virtual environment as well the controls for the EOD Talon which may also be operated within the virtual environment.

In addition, the unit will be bringing a number of other devices including simulation IEDs to be used as a static display.

Information and photo courtesy of the Illinois Army National Guard Sparta Training Area

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